Community language on community radio

Community or heritage languages and bi- and multilingualism in an English-dominant society were the subject for an interesting discussion on Plains FM community radio programme, Speak Up – Kōrerotia on 15 February 2017. LATL-labbers Una Cunningham and Jin Kim took part as well as community language activists and teachers Anya Filippochkina and Jawad Arefi. Sally Carlton led the discussion.

This was a discussion between people who all care deeply for community languages and who support intergenerational transmission of languages. We were all in agreement with one very clear recommendation for parents who speak a language other than English: use that other language with your children as they will develop strong English language competencies through their daily life and we should be encouraging bi- and multilingualism in New Zealand. Bilingualism and multilingualism are positive for the individual, the community and the entire country!

You can catch the podcast here or here.

Community language being discussed
Community language in focus on Speak Up – Kōrerotia