Digital storytelling using ‘Little Story Creator’ for Apple devices

a better startThis tutorial will help you use ‘Little Story Creator’, a digital storytelling tool that can create a bridge between home and an early childhood education centre, especially for children growing up with more than one language around them. It was produced by Kendall and Jess, our Summer Scholars at the UC LATL-lab with the support of the National Science Challenge “A Better Start– E Tipu e Rea”. This is one of a series of resources produced by the LATL-lab for Early Years Educators.

littlestory guide
Little Story Creator  PDF Guide

LATL-lab summer scholars also created a step by step guide on how to create a storybook using ‘Little Story Creator’ for Apple devices.  The screenshots in this guide show the layout on a mobile device.  This may differ slightly with different devices. Download our pdf guide by clicking the image on the right.


Using Little Story Creator: A Step by Step Guide

Follow the instructions given below to create your own digital story using Little Story Creator

  1. In your Apple App Store search for, and install ‘Little Story Creator’
  2. Open the application and click on the + sign in the top right corner and add a new story. Here you can name your story with the keypad.
  3. Your story will appear in the home page as shown in the picture below. Click on your story to begin creating it.
  4. From here, follow the steps provided on the application to create and edit your story. For example:
    • Choose a background
    • Add existing photographs to each page by clicking the camera icon and allowing access to your devices camera roll.
      OR take photographs and videos on the spot by allowing access to your devices camera)
    • Add a title and text to each page by clicking the ‘Tt’ button
    • Add and record audio to each page by clicking the microphone button as shown below.
    • To add a new page to the book or duplicate the current page of the book click the page icon as shown below.
    • To delete any existing work click on the trash can as shown below.
    • To add preexisting stickers to a page, click on the smiley face icon as shown below and choose from the list of stickers.
    • To draw freehand on a page click on the pen icon as shown below, choose a colour and begin drawing by touching the screen.
    • An eraser is provided next to the pen icon to delete any unwanted drawings.
    • When you are finished your story and exiting the ‘creation’ mode press the home button in the top left corner like below. Save and exit.
  5. When you have returned to the home screen of the application, click on your chosen story to read and review your creation.