How to generate a WordCloud

a better start

Word cloud is used to visually represent text data. It is typically used to highlight keyword metadata on websites. Different font sizes and colours are used to determine relative prominence of various keywords.
This tutorial will help you understand and generate word clouds. It was produced by the UC LATL-lab with the support of the National Science Challenge “A Better Start- E Tipu e Rea”

Creating word cloud using

The following video tutorial will help you use word cloud.

In case you found any difficulties learning from our video tutorial, given below is a step by step guide on how to create a word cloud using and add text to photos on a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) using the app, Textgram. The screenshots in this guide show the layout in Google Chrome on a PC. This will differ slightly from a mobile device.

    1. Enter into your web browser and hit
    2. Select file and select an input method for the text your word cloud will be created from. (In this example, we are going to paste the text from another document.)wordcloud screen shot
    3. Copy the text you want to create a word cloud from;copy text wordcloudand paste it into the text box in text for wordcloud
    4. Select Apply and your word cloud will be generated (this may take a few moments).wordcloud1
    5. To edit the size or remove a word from your cloud, select Word list. The number represents how many times the word appears in the text. The more times a word appears, the bigger it will appear in your word cloud. Increase or decrease the number depending on how large you want the word to appear in relation to other words. To remove a word (e.g. a function word like ‘the’) delete that line from the word list.wordcloud
    6. You can edit your word cloud by:-Adjusting the -/+ slider which changes the size of the words in your cloud.wordcloud slider-Tightening or widening the gaps between words, rotating words, or inverting the image so the words appear in the background and the shape is blank.slider adjustment-Changing the shape of your word cloud, the colours used, or the font.colours wordcloud
    7. When you are happy with the way your word cloud looks, elect File > Save to save the file to your computer. You can now print the image or add to documents as required.
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