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SM presents his work in this short video. Transcript below.

Hi everyone.
I’m S.M. Kabir, a PhD student at the University of Canterbury. My research focus is on listening skills in the context of Bangladesh. I have chosen this topic or area because in my country listening is not included in the teaching and learning process of language learning.

However, all of us know that listening is the first channel to have language input for every language learner. In Bangladesh, the country adopted a CLT approach many years ago. But it only focuses on reading and writing for teaching, learning, and assessment. The other two skills that precede the autographic skills, speaking and listening, are not included for teaching, testing and not even learning.

So, I will look to the reasons why listening is not included in Bangladesh as an important part of language learning. So, what are the contributions listening can make to English language learning for Bangladeshi students? My research will have three phases:

1) In the first phase, I will do documentary research. I will have interviews with the policy makers and the people who are related to the curriculum and implementation of materials.

2) In the second phase, I will use a quasi-experimental research design to see those who are coming through preparatory IELTS courses for listening, comparing how they do before the course with their progress after the course. I will see their development in terms of scores and their strategies for listening comprehension.

3) And in the third phase I will interview the experienced IELTS test takers – those who have taken IELTS more than twice and whose scores are 6.5 or above. That interview will give me insights about their strategies and the techniques they have applied for their listening comprehension.

In doing this research I will use both qualitative and quantitative tools:
The qualitative tool I will use is interviews
The quantitative tool I will use is quasiexperimental research.

I hope my research findings will help my students as well as the policy makers, to understand the importance of listening and they will have an understanding of how to teach listening for language learning.

Thank you